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Todos Santos Vacation Rentals

December 2, 2021 by Todos Santos Villa Rentals

Todos Santos Vacation Rentals

Established by the Mexican government as the first ‘pueblo magico’ in the Baja California Peninsula, Todos Santos has gained notoriety as a truly unique town. Perhaps most famous for the ‘Hotel California’, Todos Santos with its community of artist ex-pats boasts boutique shops, art galleries, world-class restaurants as well as seasonal art, music, and wine festivals. It is well-known as a ‘foodie town’ with an incredible number of high-dining options such as: The Green Room, Jazamango, DUM Todos Santos, Oystera and El Refugio, just to name a few. Additionally, its close proximity to secluded beaches as well as neighboring Pescadero and Cerritos make it the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy both the vibrant town and the tranquil surrounding nature. With its turtle sanctuary – where you can release baby turtles – and seasonal whale migrations, Todos Santos is a truly unique location. Whether you want to be closer to the town, or on pristine and secluded beaches, Todos Santos has many amazing villas and boutique hotels on offer.

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