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December 2, 2021 by Todos Santos Villa Rentals

What is TSVR:

Todos Santos Villa Rentals is an exclusive rental platform focused on higher-end visitors to Todos Santos, Pescadero and Cerritos beach. Our vision is to simply and effectively showcase the various beautiful and unique accommodations in the area and to connect those to an audience who can appreciate the quality and special experience that these homes provide. By listing these accommodations on one user friendly platform, our audience is able to easily find a great accommodation in the area without having to scroll through the masses of other major booking platforms. We strive to showcase homes that have been built with soul – whether those are luxury villas, boho casas, ranchos, or beachfront apartments; what is most important to us is the unique experience that they provide. 

Who we are:

Much like others, we fell in love with the Baja California lifestyle, and have chosen to make Todos Santos our home. In our free time we are surfers, divers and overall ocean enthusiasts. Our professional background is in online marketing, and through our other company – Grid Marketing – we manage the online marketing campaigns for many major clients in the real estate and vacation rentals sector. We continue to do this with great success and our campaigns bring in significant increases in bookings as well as website traffic, brand awareness and overall exposure. Our clients are spread out in other popular areas such as Costa Rica, Mexico (Mexico City, Riviera Maya, Cabo, Guadalajara, Monterrey) and across Europe. 

What we offer:

We offer a simple and user friendly platform – backed by professional experience – which will provide a high level of service and greater online exposure for our villas. With our online marketing expertise we are able to distinguish ourselves from other rental platforms. For all villas on our booking platform we will run powerful and targeted Ad campaigns on Google, Instagram, Facebook and other online means. This will lead to more bookings and a greater exposure in the high-end rental market.

  • A simple and user-friendly platform.
  • Inclusion to a curated selection of unique, high-quality accommodations in the area.
  • Online marketing expertise to boost monthly bookings & overall exposure in the rental market.
  • Targeted advertisements on Google & Social Media to connect your rental to the correct audience.
  • Payment management.
  • Automated booking calendar & synchronization with other booking platforms.
  • Cooperation with local property managers for hands-off rental opportunities to owners.
  • Locally based with close communication – professional services personalized to your needs.
  • High potential for growth within a competitive rental market.
  • Low commission costs!

Lower commission prices compared with all major booking platforms – i.e. AirBnB, Booking & VRBO!

Listing on our booking platform comes at no upfront cost for the villa owners; this includes all of our online marketing capabilities and efforts. Much like other booking platforms, we will simply charge a commission over the bookings made through our booking platform (less than all other major platforms!). Therefore, we are only making money if you are getting results, meaning there is absolutely no risk on your end. With that being said, based on the results we get for our clients worldwide in similar areas (Cabo, Riviera Maya, Costa Rica, etc.) we can assure you, you will see a significant increase in high-revenue bookings through our platform.

Our end goal is to facilitate people on both sides – home owners and home renters – in having the perfect vacation rental experience. We connect amazing homes to the right people, and in doing so we hope to create unforgettable experiences in this truly magical place. 


Contact Us:

Feel free to reach out to discuss the listings possibilities!