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Cerritos Vacation Rentals

December 2, 2021 by Todos Santos Villa Rentals

Cerritos Beach Vacation Rentals

With its vibrant light, turquois blue water and great waves; Cerritos has long been a favorite for traveling surfers and adventure seekers. What was once simply a beach, Cerritos (officially part of El Pescadero), has now grown out to its own active and exciting town. Surrounded by the vast and powerful Sierra La Laguna mountain range, Cerritos provides the ultimate desert-meets-ocean atmosphere that defines Baja California Sur. Quickly recognized by the famous ‘Hacienda’ on the cliff, and with the only established safe swimming beach in the area, Cerritos has emerged as a family favorite. In recent years Cerritos has become particularly famous as the best destination in Baja California Sur to learn to surf, with lessons being offered by the many talented and professional surf schools at Cerritos main beach. Additionally with several fantastic beach-style restaurants such as: Casa Maya, Barracudas, Cerritos Surf Residences and Cerritos Beach Inn, as well as close proximity to the many fine-dining restaurants in Pescadero and Todos Santos, your days will be spent well while staying in Cerritos. For those truly looking to spend their days in the ocean and soaking up the sunlight – Cerritos will provide what you are looking for.

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