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December 31, 2021

Best Restaurants In Todos Santos

Only an hour away from Cabo or La Paz, and at the foot of the Sierra de Laguna Mountain range, you will find Todos Santos. A quaint Mexican town, that was officially designated a Pueblo Magico, or Magical Town, a categorization which protects historical towns in Mexico from being over-developed. For a town so small, Todos Santos is home to many great restaurants. To help with your selection, in this blog we will highlight some of our favorites in the area!

1. Jazamango

Jazamango is a complete culinary experience created by the renowned Mexican chef Javier Plascencia. Jazamango offers patio dining with stunning views of the garden, and a creative menu using fruits, herbs, and vegetables from their own garden. A lot of thought and creativity goes not just into the food, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant. Enjoy a walk through their garden, or an outdoor firepit to sit cozy with friends or family.

2. The Green room

To get to the Green Room you have to follow a dirt road north from Todos Santos. Along the way you will pass the upscale neighborhood ‘Las Tunas’, and eventually you will find the Green Room. The Green Room is a beach bar/restaurant, and is located right on the ocean, across from the famous surf spot ‘La Pastora’. The Green Room is the perfect spot to enjoy the ocean views in tranquility and peace. The Green Room is known for its ceviche and tostadas and all their dishes are garnished with fresh and inventive combinations of local seafood and fresh vegetables. Arrive before sunset, since it’s the best spot to watch the sun go down with a cocktail in hand and your feet in the sand. Since this place is very popular, it is advised to reserve your table during sunset hours.

3. Dum Todos Santos

Dum is known for its excellent gastronomy, Chef Aurelien Legeay (Maitres Cuisinier of France) serves a 3- or 5-course tasting menu inspired by the Mediterranean. What makes this restaurant special is that it’s located in an impressive oasis of palm trees, which makes it the perfect setting for intimate dinners and/or special events. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand.

4. El Refugio

El Refugio is a mezcaleria and restaurant serving traditional cuisine of central and southern Mexico and rare, small-batch mezcals. Their mission is to create a community gathering point where they can share the richness of Mexican cuisine and culture—whether through prehispanic plates, newly invented dishes, artisanal mezcal, traditional ceremonies, or community events. If you want to experience real mexican flavors then El Refugio is the place to go to. 

5. Noah Sushi

Noah Sushi is a fresh seafood Baja style sushi restaurant. It’s located in a residential neighborhood in Todos Santos and is a local favorite. If you like sushi, make time during your stay to eat at Noah. The fish is fresh, the rolls are inventive, and a visit will definitely be worth your time.

Best restaurants in Pescadero

Down south where the road descends into farmland is the town of El Pescadero. This little town is known for its great farm-to-table restaurants, and organic food. Here are our favorite restaurants in El Pescadero:

6. Hierbabuena

Hierbabuena can be found in a lush green garden in the farmlands of Pescadero. Hierbabuena offers amazing farm-to-table dinner experiences. The menu features salads made out of vegetables from their own garden, wood-fired pizzas, and fresh fish. Go before sunset to ensure that you have enough time to take in the beautiful landscape, and the golden sunset views.

7. Paradero Restaurant

Paradero is a hotel situated in the desert just south of Todos Santos. Paradero prides itself on being a landscape project first and a hotel second. The hotel is made up of a number of structures designed by architects Ruben Valdez and Yashar Yektajo. The restaurant has an open-fire kitchen and features a traditional Oaxacan clay oven, allowing you to watch the chefs create dishes that showcase a modern Mexican coastal cuisine. The menu is ever-changing and is made out of the freshest ingredients from their own garden, as well as from the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Cocktails are just as innovative, made from fresh-pressed juices from local produce. Paradero Restaurant is adults only and reservations only.

8. Benno

Benno restaurant is located in Hotel San Cristóbal, just south of Todos Santos. The restaurant overlooks the ocean and offers great views of Punta Lobos beach where local fishermen collect and launch off their boats. Benno is inspired by the diversity of Baja California, and offers a fusion of classic Mexican cuisine with Mediterranean influence. The menu focuses on local products such as seafood, fine herbs and vegetables. Its cocktail menu includes a variety of mezcal and artisan tequilas and wines.

9. El Mirador 

This is a panoramic restaurant that combines fine Mexican cuisine with a magical view of the Pacific Coast from where you can enjoy the best sunsets. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from the garden, coast and region.

Do you have any questions about this article or our vacation villas in Todos Santos? Feel free to reach out!


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