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April 20, 2015

Best Beaches In Todos Santos

Blessed with the gorgeous blue waters and pristine white sand beaches, Todos Santos is a haven for outdoor activities both on and off the water. There are several wonderful beaches in and around Todos Santos that are absolutely worth visiting, and in this blog we will list our favorites for you.

Before you head out to one of the beaches keep in mind that not all beaches are safe for swimmers. Be wary of rip tides and treacherous waves with strong undertows. Enjoy the beauty of all the beaches, but use caution when choosing a beach for swimming.


  1. Playa la Cachora

    Plan a beach day at this very private beach, it is not uncommon that you may only see a handful of people during your visit. This is a great spot for an afternoon stroll or sunset-watching. If you walk south, you will come to Las Pocitas, also known as La Poza de Lobos. Along the back edge of this beach is a freshwater lagoon, La Poza, and toward the south end you will find a rocky ridge. The freshwater lagoon is a bird sanctuary, thus it is great for bird watching. Swimming at this beach is not recommended due to strong currents and strong undertows. This beach is a 10-minute drive from Todos Santos.

  2. Punta Lobos

    This beautiful beach is secluded and good for swimming.  The local fishermen also use this beach to launch their fishing boats. Around the rocks you can find many fish, so it’s great for snorkeling and spear fishing. Moreover, there is an outstanding restaurant on site at Hotel San Cristobal, which is open to non-guests. Restaurant Benno specializes in a classic fusion of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine and utilizes only the freshest possible ingredients. The beach is about an 8-minute drive from Todos Santos.

  3. Playa San Pedrito

    San Pedrito is a classic Baja beach, a place where the mountains meet the ocean. With a rocky bottom Playa San Pedrito offers great surfing. While the surfers come in and out during the day, this beach is considered very quiet, especially if you walk further South. In season, whales swim along the shore. There is a bar situated right on the beach called Pura Playa which is the perfect spot to watch the surfers, drink a cocktail, and enjoy the spectacular sunsets that Baja has to offer. San Pedrito is a 15-minute drive from Todos Santos.

  4. Cerritos Beach

    Cerritos Beach, also known as Playa Los Cerritos, is one of the best beaches for swimming in the area. Cerritos has miles (literally about 8 miles) of open beach to play. This beach break has year-round surfing due to the amazing swells that the Pacific Ocean generates. The crystal-clear waters of Cerritos also offer great stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. Moreover, Playa Los Cerritos has a beach bar that serves fantastic seafood & drinks. Cerritos beach is a 15-minute drive from Todos Santos, and a great option for beach days with family and friends.

    Do you have any questions about this article or our vacation villas in Todos Santos? Feel free to reach out!

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