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Book a villa in Todos Santos, El Pescadero or Cerritos Beach

Exclusive Rentals In Todos Santos

Discover exclusive vacation rentals in Todos Santos, El Pescadero and Cerritos Beach. Our hand-selected portfolio of rentals represents the finest selection of villas, resorts and condos on offer in the area. Whether you are looking for sunset views, proximity to the beach, fine-dining restaurants, or the vibrant downtown scene, our villas will ensure you are experiencing the area in style.

Best Places to Visit

With three distinctly unique destinations in the area; Todos Santos, El Pescadero and Cerritos truly have a lot to offer. The town of Todos Santos with its vibrant community of artist ex-pats – boasts boutique shops, art galleries and world-class restaurants as well as seasonal art, music, and wine festivals. The farming community of Pescadero has in recent years gained great popularity with ex-pats and tourists due to its beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, high level surf breaks and incredible sunsets. Lastly with its vibrant light, turquois blue waters, great waves, and the famous Hacienda on the cliff; Cerritos has long been a favorite for traveling surfers and adventure seekers. Whether you are looking for secluded tranquility, proximity to surf, fine-dining restaurants, sunset views or an active downtown location, our selection of villas will provide the answer to your desires. Click through the area pages to view our assortment of rentals on offer for each area.​

Our Featured Villas

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Activities In Todos Santos

Learn about what you can do in the area of Todos Santos. ​

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Best Restaurants In Todos Santos
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Best Beaches In Todos Santos
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Todos Santos Villa Rentals
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